About Us

About Us

“A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing.” – Payne Stewart


Our club badge, a bell crossed by a golf club, is symbolic of the raison d’être of the NOMADS – through golf the remembrance of others.

Nomads UK was officially inaugurated into the Nomads fold in 2011.

The original club was founded by in South Africa in 1960 by Mike Florance who had the foresight to establish a club of no fixed abode where like-minded golfers can get together once a month to raise money for a worthy cause as well as disabled, ladies and junior golf. His principles have stood the test of time and today Nomads has more than 2,500 members in eight countries around the globe.

Our nine monthly games are played in Berkshire and Hampshire and our playing calendar extends from March through to November. The year culminates at our Gold Cup weekend which incorporates our October and November games played on Saturday and Sunday respectively at prestigious courses in the UK, this year we have the pleasure of playing at The Belfry. 

At Nomads our scoring differs in that we play every game is based on Medal-Stableford play, where the round is played flat against the course and the player’s handicap is added in full afterwards to make up the player’s score. In other words, if your handicap is 12 and you score 18 points your total score is 30 (12 + 18 = 30). Playing flat against the course will earn you 2 points for a par, 3 for a birdie, 4 for an eagle, 1 for a bogey 1 and 0 for a double bogey.

An integral part of the club is our sponsors:

Lidl Southampton – Prize hampers

Marc Smith (Pickled Porcupine) – A & B Division first prize

Scott Henderson (AISC Trading) – A & B Division runner-up

Charl Du Toit (Smile Studio Newbury) – Nomads booking platform 

Dean Gunningham – Crying Towel

Greg Wheal (American Golf) – Golf balls

Timothy Calvert (Nomad – Botswana) – Gold Cup trophies

The Aims and Objectives of Nomads


Provide the opportunity for like-minded golfers to meet one another once a month to forge new friendships and cement old ones.


Generate funds which may be distributed in the furtherance of golf and charitable causes.

Promote Golf

Encourage, promote and support the game of golf in the United Kingdom.

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