Gold Cup 23

Gold Cup

“You’ve got to have the guts not to be afraid to screw up.” – Fuzzy Zoeler


The final two games of a shortened playing season were played at the East Sussex Spa and Golf resort on the 14th July and 15th July. The year was celebrated at our gala dinner, awards and prize giving.

Sixty one people joined us, some from as far away as Australia and South Africa. Forty three golfers (7 International Nomads, 1 sponsor and 35 Nomads UK) and eighteen partners (2 international and 16 UK). We had an action-packed weekend which included a Ladie’s tour. Our international visitors included 2 past National Chairmen as well as past and present captains.

Nomads from around the world bonded in true Nomads spirit where old friendships were renewed, and new ones formed.

Thank you to all the UK    nomads and their spouses who joined us for this unique experience and for their conduct and support.  I believe we made a real impact and lasting impression on our international guests, all of whom want to join us at our next Gold Cup/National Tournament.

Special thanks also goes to Robbie and Michele Hillhouse, Dean and Mike Gunningham, Dave More O’Ferrall for ensuring the Gold Cup was a great success. We have had some fantastic feedback.


Monthly Game – East Sussex East Course

The weather was warm with showers, a course that was truly challenging; with many a ball given up to the course. We had 41 players (2 DNF) avg. handicap of 14.59 and avg. points scored of 28.05.

Congratulations to our winners:

A Division

A Division – James Bryers – 34 points

Runner-up – Ian Ross (Nomads Australia) – 33 points

3rd place – Harry Raw – 32 points (on a count back)

B Division

Winner – Lucky Adamou (Nomads Australia) – 35 points

Runner-up – Ian Wright – 34 points

3rd place – Robbie Hillhouse – 31 points (on a count back)

Crying Towel – Jason Goldsmith – 16 points


Gold Cup Finale – East Sussex East Course

The last game of the season was dry and very windy, but the course was a little more forgiving.  After some poor performances on day 1 which had resulted in some handicap adjustments, there was improved overall scoring with some exceptions like our back-to-back crying towel winner Jason Goldsmith.

The field consisted of 43 players, avg. handicap of 15.4 and avg. points scored of 29.29 points.

Congratulations to all the winners

A Division

Winner – Ian Ross (Nomads Australia) – 38 points

Runner-up – Gary Bray (Nomads Easterns) – 33 points (on a count back)

3rd place – Russel Tomlinson – 33 points (on a count back)

B Division

Winner – Peter Chemaly – 37 points

Runner-up – Nathan du Pisanie – 36 points

3rd place – George Derbyshire – 35 points

Crying Towel – Jason Goldsmith – 19 points


Congratulations to the international players for winning the first Internationals v Nomads UK trophy which was donated by Robbie Hillhouse, Gary Bray and Vic Hall. 

Gold Cup

Congratulations to Brandon Brighton (200 points); this year’s Champion who beat Ian Wright (191 points) in 2nd place.

Eclectic Trophy

The Eclectic Champion was Justin Platter with 53.67 points with Gary Biffen in 2nd place with 51.75 points.


It’s been a short but fantastic year. Looking forward to seeing you all at Donnington Grove at the end of the month for our first game of the season.